Github: goto-bus-stop

StackOverflow: René


sometimes i try to make computers do things by typing into a text editor. most of the time it doesn't work, but sometimes it does!

  1. WikiBattle : 1v1 races through Wikipedia pages

üwave related

  1. üWave : self-hosted collaborative listening platform, a la
  2. react-dailymotion : React component for Dailymotion video embeds
  3. get-artist-title : get the artist and title from a string, eg. a YouTube video title. related

  1. ExtPlug : flexible plugin loader and extension framework userscript for
    • plug-modules : simplify using's client side JavaScript by assigning descriptive names to obfuscated require.js modules
    • replug : advanced semi-automatic deobfuscation and "unconcatenation" of JavaScript
    • ExtPlug plugins : several plugins for ExtPlug
  2. plug-login : Node.js function for logging in to
  3. plug-socket : evented Node.js microlib for working with's websocket server
  4. dizzay : dizzay (/ˈdɪːdʒeɪ/) plays media from a room in VLC or MPlayer
  5. munar-adapter-plugdj : Munar adapter for


  1. awestruct : library for reading/writing binary Buffer structures into/from object structures in Node.js
  2. genie-drs : Genie Engine (Age of Empires 1/2) .DRS file reader/writer library for Node.js
  3. genie-slp : Genie Engine (Age of Empires 1/2) .SLP graphics file parser in Node.js
  4. jascpal : Jasc Paint Shop Pro palette file reader/writer library for Node.js
  5. lyner : Somewhat speedy Javascript <canvas> renderer for drawing lots of mostly-unchanging lines
  6. punbb_new_posts_count : PunBB extension that shows the amount of unread posts next to the "New Posts" link
  7. punbb_country_flags : PunBB extension that displays country flags (lipis/flag-icon-css) next to usernames
  8. rainbash : rainbash plays with your display gamma using xgamma
  9. recanalyst : more up-to-date fork of biegleux/recanalyst
  10. sistyl : Simple JSON-to-CSS library with nested rulesets in Javascript

unfinished / wip

  1. aocmultiny : Age of Empires 2 matchmaking software
  2. ircs : Soon-to-be extensible IRC Server library for Node.js